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Our TICKET system. Go here to submit a work ticket for things needed on your site. Or send an email to staff@zaks.com

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Support Connection

This is our screen connection system. It will let us connect to your computer and show us your screen.

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Website Stats - Piwik

Analytics & statistics for your site. Works great with WordPress sites. Host your site with us – it’s free. If not, contact us, we can set you up.

Zaks Cloud

This is our cloud system. A great place to store files, upload large files to share with someone else. Contact us for more information.

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Printer Status

The status of our HP 3600 Color printer. Doesn’t mean much unless you’re in our office.


Mail Connection Information

How to setup your email to use Zaks Mail Server

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Smarter Stats

Available if you signed up for them. Contact us for more information.

Server Status

You’ll need a password for this one.