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Our TICKET system. Go here to submit a work ticket for things needed on your site. Or send an email to staff@zaks.com

Support Connection

This is our screen connection system. It will let us connect to your computer and show us your screen.

Website Stats - Piwik

Analytics & statistics for your site. Works great with WordPress and all types of sites. Contact us for more information.

Zaks Cloud

This is our cloud system. A great place to store files, upload large files to share with someone else. Contact us for more information.

Mail Connection Information

How to setup your email to use Zaks Mail Server

Server Status

You’ll need a password for this one.

We use Zendesk for tracking our help / support tickets. This will take you to a page with a form to enter your support request or comment.

We connect to your screen to give direct support on your system. Connect here and then you can enter the code we supplied to you.

How much traffic are you getting? What pages are getting the most traffic? When are users looking at your site? 

These questions and more answered with our Statistics system on your site.

Most everything is “In the Cloud” – if you don’t want your information in the same cloud as everyone else we can help you get your own Cloud.